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San Joaquin County Services Directory

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Dairy Inspection Program Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Day Care Licensing (Business Set-Up) Community Development (Planning) 209-468-2193
DD 214 (Military Discharge Record) Veterans Services Office 209-468-2916
Death Certificates (Less than one year after death) Health Care Services (Public Health) 209-468-8600
Death Certificates (More than one year after death) Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk 209-468-3404
Deed of Trust Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk 209-468-3939
Defaulted Property Taxes Treasurer-Tax Collector 209-468-2133
Defendants (Before Appearing In Court) Public Defender 209-468-2760
Defendants (Interviews with Police) Public Defender 209-468-2746
Defense Counsel (Right to) Public Defender 209-468-2760
Dental Disease Prevention Program Health Care Services (Public Health) 209-468-3491
Development Improvement Fees Public Works (Public Services) 209-468-3057
Development Information Community Development 209-468-2193 or 209-468-3120
Developmental Disability (Defense) Public Defender 209-468-2792
Disaster Preparedness & Supplies Office of Emergency Services 209-468-3962
Discharge Upgrades (Military Service) Veterans Services Office 209-468-2916
District Attorney San Joaquin County 209-468-2400
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Divorce (Family Law - Proper) Superior Court of San Joaquin County 209-992-5283
Domestic Violence Prosecution Unit District Attorney 209-468-2437
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Drug Abuse Health Care Services (Substance Abuse Services) 209-468-9710
Drug Case Prosecution District Attorney 209-468-2400
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Drug Treatment Program Health Care Services (Substance Abuse Services) 209-468-6213
Dump: Foothill (Private Operator) 6484 N. Waverly Road, Linden 209-887-3969
Dump: Lovelace Transfer Station Between Union & Airport Way, Lathrop 209-982-5770
Dump: North County 17900 Harney Lane, Lodi 209-887-3868
Dumps: Waste Hotline Public Works (Solid Waste) 209-468-3066
Duplicating (Copy Center) Purchasing & Support Services 209-468-3391