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San Joaquin County Services Directory

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Hazardous Materials Office of Emergency Services 209-953-6200
Hazardous Waste Generator Program Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Hazardous Waste Household Public Works 209-468-3066
Head Start (Administration) Human Services Agency 209-468-1939
hsa,h.s.a., h s a
Head Start (Program) Head Start Development Council 209-466-5541
Health Care Services Administration San Joaquin General Hospital 209-468-6600
Health Education Health Care Services (Public Health) 209-468-3415
Health Inspections (Restaurant) Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Home Detention Program Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator 209-468-4522 or 209-468-4620
Home Supervision Program (Juvenile) Probation (Juvenile Hall) 209-468-4005
Homeless Programs Community Development 209-468-8974
Homeowner Exemption (Property Taxes) Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk 209-468-2647
Homicide Unit District Attorney 209-468-2400
da,d a, d.a.
Honor Farm Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator 209-468-4600
Honor Farm Visiting Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator 209-468-4384
Hospital Administration Health Care Services (San Joaquin General Hospital) 209-468-6600 Non-Emergency
Hospital Liens Office of Revenue & Recovery 209-468-2110 Non-Emergency
Hospital: Dameron Hospital 525 W. Acacia, Stockton 209-944-5550 Non-Emergency
Hospital: Doctor's Hospital of Manteca 1205 E. North, Manteca 209-823-3111 Non-Emergency
Hospital: Kaiser Permanente 1777 W. Yosemite, Manteca 209-825-3700 Non-Emergency
Hospital: Lodi Memorial Hospital 975 S. Fairmont, Lodi 209-948-3343 Non-Emergency
Hospital: San Joaquin General 500 W. Hospital, French Camp 209-468-6000 Non-Emergency
Hospital: St. Joseph's Medical Center 1800 N. California, Stockton 209-943-2000 Non-Emergency
House/Housing: Abatement Environmental Health 209-468-3420
House/Housing: Administration San Joaquin Fair Housing Authority 209-460-5084
House/Housing: Assistance Applications (Section 8) San Joaquin Fair Housing Authority 209-460-5085
House/Housing: Assistance Programs Community Development (Neighborhood Preservation) 209-468-3065
House/Housing: Authority Customer Service San Joaquin Fair Housing Authority 209-460-5095
House/Housing: Discrimination San Joaquin Fair Housing Authority 800-994-0999 or 209-469-0999
House/Housing: General Information San Joaquin Fair Housing Authority 209-460-5000
House/Housing: Rental Assistance (Section 8) San Joaquin Fair Housing Authority 209-460-5088
House/Housing: Weatherization Human Services Agency (Aging & Community Services) 209-468-0439
hsa,h.s.a., h s a
Human Resources San Joaquin County 209-468-3370
hr,h.r.,h r