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San Joaquin County Services Directory

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Jail Visiting Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator 209-468-4295
Jury Duty Superior Court of San Joaquin County 209-992-5500
Juvenile Crime Prosecution District Attorney 209-468-4260
da,d a, d.a.
Juvenile Delinquency (Defense) Public Defender 209-468-4252
Juvenile Electronic Monitoring Probation (Juvenile Hall) 209-468-4215
Juvenile Gang Unit Stockton Police Department (Gang Unit) 209-937-7151
spd,s.p.d., s p d
Juvenile Hall Probation (Juvenile Hall) 209-468-4221
Juvenile Hall Mental Health Probation (Juvenile Hall) 209-468-4240
Juvenile Hall Visitors Probation (Juvenile Hall) 209-468-5244
Juvenile Home Supervision Probation (Juvenile Hall) 209-468-4215
Juvenile Probation Probation 209-468-4000
Juvenile Record Sealings Probation 209-468-5242
Juvenile Work Project Probation (Juvenile Hall) 209-468-4239