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San Joaquin County Services Directory

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Labor Relations San Joaquin County 209-468-3370
Land Use Applications Community Development (Planning) 209-468-2193 or 209-468-3120
Landfills (Hours of Operation & Acceptable Waste) Public Works (Solid Waste) 209-468-3066
Law Library (Legal Research) Law Library 209-468-3920
Lawyer Referral San Joaquin County Bar Association 209-948-4620
Lease Payments Auditor-Controller 209-468-3925
Library: Angelou Branch (City) 2324 Pock Ln, Stockton 209-937-8221
Library: Cesar Chavez Central Library (City) 605 N. El Dorado, Stockton 209-937-8221
Library: Escalon Branch (County) 1540 Second, Escalon 209-937-8221
Library: Fair Oaks Branch (City) 2370 E. Main, Stockton 209-937-8221
Library: Lathrop Branch (County) 15461 7th, Lathrop 209-937-8221
Library: Linden Branch (County) 19012 E. Main, Linden 209-937-8221
Library: Manteca Branch (County) 320 W. Center, Manteca 209-937-8221
Library: Ripon Branch (County) 430 W. Main, Ripon 209-937-8221
Library: Thornton Branch (County) 26341 N. Thornton, Thornton 209-937-8221
Library: Tracy Branch (County) 20 E. Eaton, Tracy 209-937-8221
Library: Troke Branch (City) 502 W. Ben Holt, Stockton 209-937-8221
Lien on Home or Property Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk 209-468-3939
Lifer Parole Hearings District Attorney 209-468-2426
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Liquid Waste Program Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Local Agency Formation Commission 209-468-3198
Lost or Stolen Items (County Jail; Claim Form) Clerk of the Board 209-468-3113