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San Joaquin County Services Directory

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Mail Room (Courthouse) Purchasing & Support Services 209-468-3390
Manager(s) City: Escalon City of Escalon 209-838-4101
Manager(s) City: Lathrop City of Lathrop 209-941-7220
Manager(s) City: Lodi City of Lodi 209-333-6700
Manager(s) City: Manteca City of Manteca 209-239-8455
Manager(s) City: Ripon City of Ripon 209-599-2108
Manager(s) City: Tracy City of Tracy 209-831-4103
Manager(s) City: Stockton City of Stockton 209-937-8212
Marriage Certificates Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk 209-468-8075
Marriage Licenses Assessor-Recorder-County Clerk 209-468-2362 or 209-468-2365
Mary Graham Children’s Shelter Human Services Agency 209-468-6996
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Mayor(s): Escalon City of Escalon 209-838-4101
Mayor(s): Lathrop City of Lathrop 209-941-7200
Mayor(s): Lodi City of Lodi 209-333-6702
Mayor(s): Manteca City of Manteca 209-823-5855
Mayor(s): Ripon City of Ripon 209-599-2108
Mayor(s): Stockton City of Stockton 209-937-8499
Meals on Wheels Senior Service Agency 209-466-9524
Media & Communications (County) County Administrator 209-468-3417
Medical Clinic Health Care Services (San Joaquin General Hospital) 209-468-6820
Medi-Cal Eligibility Human Services Agency 209-468-1000
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Medi-Cal Eligibility (Satellite) Health Care Services (San Joaquin General Hospital) 209-468-7391
Medical Waste Program Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Mental Health: Children's Services Health Care Services (Mental Health) 209-468-2385
Mental Health: Crisis Line 209-468-8686
Mental Health: Day Treatment Program 209-468-8720
Mental Health: Defense 209-468-2730
Mental Health: Employee Assistance Program 209-468-8900
Mental Health: Inpatient Administration 209-468-8678
Mental Health: Lodi Health Clinic 209-331-2070
Mental Health: Older Adult Services 209-468-3760
Mental Health: Outpatient Services 209-468-8880
Mental Health: Transcultural Clinic 209-468-8880
Micke Grove Park Facilities Management (Parks & Recreation) 209-953-8800 or 209-331-7400
Micke Grove Zoo Facilities Management (Parks & Recreation) 209-953-8840 or 209-331-7270
Military Records Request Veterans Services Office 209-468-2916
Military Service (Credit Towards Retirement) SJ County Employees Retirement Association 209-468-2163
Misdemeanors (Traffic; Defense) Public Defender 209-468-2743
Mosquito Control Mosquito & Vector Control District 800-300-4675 or 209-982-4675
Motor Vehicles Public Works (Fleet Services) 209-468-3099
Mountain House Community Services District Mountain House 209-468-9997
Murder Cases (Prosecution) District Attorney 209-468-2400
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Museum (Historical) San Joaquin County Historical Society 209-331-2055