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San Joaquin County Services Directory

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Safety & Risk Management Human Resources 209-468-3274
hr,h.r.,h r
San Joaquin County Fair City of Stockton 209-466-5041
Scale Inspections, Scanner Complaints Agricultural Commissioner 209-953-6000
ag commissioner
Schools: After School Programs Parks & Recreation (City of Stockton) 209-937-8293
Schools: School Boundaries County Office of Education 209-468-4802
Schools: School Gardens UC Cooperative Extension 209-468-2094
Search & Rescue Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator 209-468-4400
Section 8 (Application) San Joaquin Housing Authority 209-466-0376
Section 8 (Information) San Joaquin Housing Authority 209-466-7941
Security Guards Facilities Management 209-468-3394
Seller's Permit (Resale No.) California State Board of Equalization 209-948-7720
Senior Meals Human Services Agency (Aging & Community Services) 209-468-1104
Senior Services Human Services Agency (Aging & Community Services) 209-468-2202
hsa,h.s.a., h s a
Sentence (Modification of; Defense) Public Defender 209-468-2746
Septic Tank Permit Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Serving Legal Papers Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator 209-468-4475
Sewer Maintenance Public Works (Utility Maintenance) 209-468-3090
Sex Offender Registration Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator 209-468-4362
Sexual Assault (Children) District Attorney 209-468-2454
da,d a, d.a.
Sexually Transmitted Diseases Health Care Services (Public Health) 209-468-3830
Sexually Violent Predators (Prosecution) District Attorney 209-468-2419
da,d a, d.a.
Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator San Joaquin County 209-468-4310
Sheriff's Team Active Retired Seniors Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator 209-468-4469
stars,s t a r s,s.t.a.r.s,volunteers
Sidewalk Safety/Repairs Public Works 209-468-3074
Site Mitigation Program Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Small Public Water Systems Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Smoking Regulations Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Social Security Insurance Social Security Administration (Federal) 800-772-1213 or 209-946-6341
Solid Waste Environmental Health 209-468-3420
Solid Waste Public Works (Solid Waste) 209-468-3066
Special District: Assessment Public Works 209-468-3024
Special District: Audit Reports Auditor-Controller 209-468-3925
Special District: Cash Balances Auditor-Controller 209-468-3925
Special District: Mountain House Community Services District Mountain House 209-468-9997
Staff Development/Training Human Resources 209-468-3370
hr,h.r.,h r
Stepparent Adoptions Human Services Agency (Children's Services) 209-468-4052
hsa,h.s.a., h s a
Stockton City of Stockton 209-937-8377
Stockton City Council City of Stockton 209-937-8244
Storm Pump Information Public Works 209-468-3090
Storm Water Pollution Reporting Public Works (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) 209-468-3055
Street Light Repair Public Works 209-953-7618
Substance Abuse Health Care Services (Substance Abuse) 209-468-6848 or 209-468-6826
Substance Abuse: 24-Hour Information Line 209-468-6880
Substance Abuse: Perinatal Services 209-468-2330
Substance Abuse: Prevention 209-468-2005
Substance Abuse: Residential Treatment 209-468-6213
Superintendent of Schools County Office of Education 209-468-4802
Surplus Food Human Services Agency (Aging & Community Services) 209-468-3679
hsa,h.s.a., h s a
Surplus Materials Purchasing & Support Services 209-468-3263
Surveyor (County) Public Works 209-468-3049
Survivor Benefits (County Employees) SJ County Employees' Retirement Association 209-468-2163
Survivor Benefits (Veterans) Veterans Services Office 209-468-2916